Friday, September 23, 2011

2023 at the Earliest

With emphasis on the earliest.

Not content to simply hold the House of Representatives for a generation by virtue of drawing lines on maps, the GOP in all of the states will soon be copying and pasting the Pennsylvania plan to tie electoral college votes to gerrymandered congressional districts.

Under Pileggi’s plan, Obama could carry the state in 2012 — by winning huge majorities in heavily Democratic Philadelphia — and still lose the majority of its electoral votes.

If we must have an electoral college, I'm cool with moving away from the winner take all nonsense that most states currently use. (Though saying so after Bush II was elected somehow made me a "Sore/Loserman.") I want every vote to be as important as possible, so candidates won't focus less on certain populations in certain states to game the system. However, this can be done with simple math by using percentages. If 55% of your voters go for a candidate, they get 55% (rounded up) of your state's electoral votes. Simple.

But not good for the GOP, who is afraid to split things by population alone. Now keep in mind that the decisions of electoral college allocation are a responsibility of the states and add to that the fact that the GOP - due to Democratic, Liberal, and Progressive focus on national issues only - controls most of the state legislatures that will be making this decision. Especially in the "blue" states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Minnesota where a plan like this would do the most political damage.

Problem is, the Democratic Party and their "base" has all but abandoned the states, especially in the South. Those Democratic officials who still hold office don't want to push this issue because any change may threaten their jobs sooner than the coming GOP takeover.

But we are quickly racing towards a one-party nation with almost zero real election-based choices. The GOP is making it happen, while the Democratic Party is refusing to accept that truth and allowing that to happen.


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Dante said...

The GOP isn't afraid to split electoral votes by population. They're merely pragmatic enough to know it would harm them at least for the short term. The GOP controls the state of Pennsylvania and the state elects the President. It's the last vestige of the states actually having some sort of representation in the federal government. I'm not personally opposed to the state legislature deciding whatever they want as far as electors are concerned. That being said, I think this is a terrible idea. Gaming the system to benefit your Party in the short term almost universally backfires in the long term.