Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cause and Effect

Are you an American citizen who is distraught with the torture regime instituted under the Bush administration? Are you angry that the torture regime was neither investigated nor prosecuted under the Obama administration? Well, suck it, whigs - in the land of reality-based reality, you reap what you sow.

How is there any genuine expectation that the same system that brought you such travesties as Cameron Todd Willingham, Troy Davis, John Thompson, and has trouble with police departments acting like this would somehow demonstrate more prudence and responsibility on a national level when faced with a panic-inducing crisis it has a pathological, counterfactual, and confused difficulty understanding?

You think governments just automatically and magically do the right thing because you think they should behave a certain way? You think they won't try to get around every single legal or constitutional obstacle in their path to get what they want when they want it? You think if you let local and state governments get away with things, the national government is somehow going to pay attention?

Let me tell you something: the only reason you think that is because you have grossly misunderstood the history of your own nation. You're like a Tea Partier pining for an America that never existed. We have governments to do things that cannot effectively be done by individuals and associations alone. That does not mean individuals and associations are excused from keeping governments in check through eternal vigilance and elections. Yes, it is hard work. Yes, there isn't much reward.

But your voice and influence is most powerful at the local and state levels, so if you're letting your local and state governments get away with torture and police state tactics for decades, you ought display far less outrage over that behavior writ large on a national and international scale. Because they're only going to stop when you throw them out of office and make them stop.


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