Thursday, September 29, 2011

Papers, Please

More immigration nonsense from the South. More going after people who behave "illegally" rather than going after the businesses and "job creators" who profit the most from an immigration system in chaos. Dry up the jobs, and folks here illegally will go home on their own. I mean, hell, isn't it funny that all this is happening after the real estate bubble collapsed, and wealthy developers no longer need the migrant workers and their crews to put together cookie cutter homes in the suburbs for half the price of American workers?

Well, I guess nothing is really "funny" that the states with the biggest historical problems with the civil rights of certain demographics are now using states' rights to target specific demographics. Glad all the old money boys got "clean" before this became a political issue du jour.

And the schoolchildren? Schools have enough trouble keeping track of their students right now. Tomorrow they're supposed to check their citizenship status? I can't wait to see the kind of red tape that's going to create, and I'd be willing to wager that burden is likely to fall on the most at-risk schools serving the most at-risk populations that already have the weakest administrations, lowest funding, and most inadequate resources to handle the new rules.


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