Monday, September 12, 2011

Prescribed Dosage

Mark at Levees Not War is looking for ways Democrats, Liberals, and Progressives can get off the mat and start building a cohesive political message. Or, at least, to stop allowing the right-wing to control any national political narrative whole hog.

The American Jobs Act, presented so artfully by the President on Thursday, may be a start to something like that.

But make no mistake, this could take a long time in an uphill battle. Right wing opposition to the Jobs Act is already robust, as they're simply dusting off their old stimulus playbook. Just look at that last article: those who play conservative on television and radio are now wholesale against spending on transportation infrastructure, public schools, and any form of social program.

These are the stakes, and the President, as well as the DLP activists, need to figure that out right quick.


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