Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Primary Challenge

Because some members of the Professional Left feel the need to speak for that homogenous and monolithic demographic known as "poor and working people."

Because Lord help us if folks like Nader and West got involved to help "poor and working people" take back the states, where individuals and associations have the most power and the politics are closer to the people. Maybe they should go after progress-resistant Democratic officials in local and state elections. Lord knows, there are enough of those - and they'll likely be there no matter who is President.

Unfortunately, that won't bring the self-important like-minded attention from like-minded people or the activist fundraising dollars these Professional Leftists are looking for. No, let's keep surrendering the states to the right-wing (especially in the South) so we can get on TV and the internet to chide the President for trying to navigate policy solutions in the midst of an obstructionist legislature on both sides of the aisle.

Especially after the wholesale cratering of political capital that came about when the jaw-dropping political disaster of the first Stimulus Bill made its way out of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid's legislature.

Maybe we're in some desperate need of a wake-up call, and I don't know how many more elections and national and state policies the Professional Left wants to surrender to the right-wing before they wake up and realize they are part of the problem.

And, yes, I'm going to keep calling them "the Professional Left" until they prove they can do something other than get on television or the internet and play a made-for-TV role. I got lulled into the Nader delusions once upon a time, and I remember what that got me.


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