Friday, September 16, 2011

Spot the Differences

Picture A
Picture B

Answer: one is President Obama, the Kenyan anti-colonialist himself, forcing a US Marine recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor to drink a beer with him at the White House, so his press secretary to could take a picture of this on his phone, tweet it to the universe, and gain some political advantage from it. Because this President "uses our most precious assets 4 personal gain."

The other picture is President Bush, spontaneously giving a speech on a spontaneously decorated aircraft carrier he spontaneously arrived on in a flight suit, just to show how much Real Americans (TM) support our brave men and women in uniform.

< /sarcasm >

After the long 8 years of hollow photo ops that made up the Bush presidency, you'd think people would be able to make better distinctions.

And let us not be confused, if Obama's press folks had not released pics of the President having a beer with Meyer, the same people would be complaining that the lack of it demonstrated Obama's contempt for America and her Armed Forces.

Because this is America, and there's a whiny subset of our society who has to turn anything involving this President into a political fight. And they do so even with stories of unrivaled heroism.

Because with them, the narratives are more important than reality.



patsbrother said...

While one is far more egregious than the other, it's still a pandering photo-op.

At least Bush really was a pilot. Obama the Beerdrinker? Really?

(I wonder what the proverbial "Common Man" thinks about his visits to the White House. Instead of anything classy to celebrate the occassion, he's only ever offered beer.)

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

This young man received the Congressional Medal of Honor while still alive - the ceremony surrounding its presentation is supposed to include pictures of him with the President, as the Commander in Chief expresses the thanks of a grateful nation. Those pictures are supposed to be released to the press, as part of the celebration of American heroism.

I am stunned to hear you find a bit of real equivalence between a picture of two guys having a conversation over beers, and someone who broke into primetime television to land a plane on an aircraft carrier to give a speech.

The political theatre of the last administration moved the goalposts so far into the realm of the absurd that putting this picture in the same ballpark is a jaw dropping display of cognitive dissonance.

patsbrother said...

Yeah, I'm sure you're stunned.

Please to read my comment again, Monsieur Blowhard.