Thursday, September 08, 2011

Unequal Criticisms

I'll say first that I don't buy in to many of the Professional Left's criticisms of President Obama. I think many of those folks really fundamentally misunderstand their own amount of political capital, the political capital the President has to work with, and where all that capital comes from.

That being said, when the Professional Left criticizes President Obama over those policies or economic realities he has little or no control over, it does not blunt charges of Tea Party racism.

Charges of Tea Party racism come from real Tea Party behaviors. Though some members of the Professional Left make money off hyperbolizing those behaviors, let us never pretend that they don't exist in droves. As a matter of fact, from a credibility standpoint, the Tea Party does not have a leg to stand on, even when compared to the Professional Left.

Need evidence? Hell, this didn't take five minutes. From the front pages of Drudge and the Limbaugh Letter to Tea Party Presidential favorites stunning lack of knowledge about slavery's legacy to the words of their candidates to the obsession with the birth certificate to the obsession with the President's religion because some religions are bad and are practiced by "others" who build Ground Zero Mosques to worship the "the Monkey God" (Their. Own. Words.)

And let us never forget how often they attempt to cast "others" as the True Racists - from Limbaugh's Obama's America racial panic ranting to the end zone dancing when Andrew Breitbart turned Shirley Sherrod's speech of racial reconciliation and overcoming into one of oppression.

And, yes, I will consider those who influence the Tea Party the most often to speak for them. Face it, the Tea Party's hysterical opposition to everything Obama does is rooted in false beliefs about make-believe policies delivered by the same people who aren't even attempting to use a dog whistle to bring race to the forefront of the national political conversation. They're bold enough to do so, and are content to let their marketers and water carriers defend what they are doing as legitimate policy criticisms. It isn't like anyone is confronting them effectively or calling them on this behavior, either.

The Professional Left, with their limited audience and narrowly defined critiques shouldn't be in the same conversation with the propaganda and narrative markets for the Tea Party.


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