Friday, September 09, 2011

Vote Democrat to Live Like a Republican...

A few years ago at the Wukela New Year's Eve/Croatian Liberation barbecue I was talking to one of the guests about politics. He said some rather curious. He votes Democrat to live like a Republican. The line of reasoning is something along these lines: The average American is second on the pecking order to Party donors and lobbyists on either side. Since neither Party will yield their primary interests, their secondary interests are where they will compromise. So in his mind voting Democrat will get him Republican secondary interests. I don't buy that as a comprehensive strategy but it has certainly paid dividends here. Obama's job creation plan? Massive unfunded tax cuts. Why does that sound familiar?

And yeah, I know Obama said everything in the bill is paid for, but his reasoning is that he's going to make budget cut recommendations to the super committee already charged with cutting the deficit. I'd wager a large chunk of money that even if the bill passes and Obama sends along his cut recommendations, they overlap significantly with cuts members of the super committee are already planning to pitch.

At any rate, our Democratic President plans to save the economy and boost jobs by cutting taxes. Republicans have nothing to lose by passing this bill. It either doesn't revive the economy and the "failed economic policies of Barack Obama" remain intact or the economy revives and Republicans get to point out how economic conservatism won the day.

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Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Nothing in this will "save" the economy, no matter how much the right would like this to appear an all-or-nothing play. Our economy is unsustainable, and this only helps soften the blow of that reality.

Obama isn't going to cut taxes, he already cut taxes, and plans to continue doing so. The big difference is who gets the tax cuts.

Though with the savvy marketing surrounding the term "tax cuts," I don't doubt that the right will claim responsibility for anything that works and shun anything that doesn't. As with so many other issues the right engages on television and radio, I acutally expect them to do both. They do so enjoy positioning themselves on every side of an issue, after all.

The big difference last night was the story Obama was telling while selling the Jobs Act. Continuing in such a voice might cut through the noise and reframe the debate in a big way. I'm not going to hold my breath on that, though. There was a chance to do this with the original "stimulus" plan, in both policy and politics, and we saw what happened with that one.