Monday, September 26, 2011

The War of Texas Aggression

The Aggies have won the War of Texas Aggression. They're out of the Big 12 and in the SEC. When it was Arkansas leaving the SWC I think it was more cathartic. Here's the only team not in Texas from the SWC moving on to greener pastures. What I'm wondering is if the SEC won the war, too. What do they gain by a 13th team? They get Texas' Jan Brady, but to be fair I've seen some pretty hot photos of post-Brady Eve Plumb. Scheduling looks like it will be a bitch and the SEC is balking at a 9th conference game so far. I guess we'll see what the future holds but personally I can live with it if it means I'll get a drivable Georgia game in the near future (especially if it's against Herschel's coming-out-party opponent).

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Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Scheduling won't be easy for the 2012 season, but I'm confident the league will add a 14th team soon, move to the 9 game format, and preserve all the cross-divisional rivalries.

All because Texas University had to have their own TV network.