Saturday, October 22, 2011

All About the Subsidies, Baby

I love how Republicans, especially those pandering to the right-wing, Tea Party types, get to call President Obama out for being a socialist, communist, Kenyan-anti-colonial free spending agent when it comes to taxpayer money. I really love the overall narrative that spending taxpayer money is bad, and that government spending can't create one private industry job. Not one. I love how partisans will line up behind these two seemingly consistent views, label such policies as anti-job, all the while trying to convince voters that the Democratic elected officials just want to spend other people's money and choose the winners and losers in the free market.

That makes it all the more adorable when those very same Republicans go out and find taxpayer money to support private industry jobs, blaming the Democratic officials for not spending enough taxpayer money to protect private industry jobs.

It would be helpful if people saw all this for what it was.


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