Thursday, October 20, 2011

Back of the Bus

Religious practices are your rights and all, but I thought we dealt with this issue about segregated public busses back in the 60's.

Now, if the bus culturally or socially segregates, that's one thing. Because that's voluntary. Like all religious practice in this country has to be.

But if a rider isn't a part of your religious community, and they're riding a public bus, you can't make rules forcing them to segregate. They ain't a part of your club. The same taxpayers who pay for the bus and protect your right to worship as you see fit in your own way have also made it clear we don't tolerate you telling people what to do when using the stuff in which we all share ownership.

Don't like it? Well, God gave you two feet. Hit the bricks. Or, like Bloomberg said, buy your own bus and pay for it with your own money. And that's on top of the taxes you're still going to pay, by the way, because we've still got to run transit through your neighborhood. Not everyone who travels through your community is a part of your club after all.

And I'm not sorry to tell you that.


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