Monday, October 31, 2011

The Con

So Herman Cain has a little bit of scandal going on after this weekend.

Now, whatever charges are there will be proven or dis-proven on their respective merits, and I generally wouldn't say anything about rumors.

But look at what his campaign spokesman said while refuting the allegations: people who can't beat Cain on ideas are going after his character, and a direct (unsubstantiated) rumor that those people are "liberals."

Maybe that guy is paying attention to a different campaign than I am, but it ain't the "liberals" having trouble with Cain's ideas. By all means, bring the 999 plan to the general election, and the fair tax joke into the national consciousness. Please. It also bears out that if the "liberals" were going after Cain, and had some scandal evidence against him, they'd want him to win the primaries, and would hold off their allegations until after the nomination was made.

No, the folks having the most electoral problem with Cain and his "ideas" are the other Republican candidates for President. First of all, he's rolling out the logical conclusion of the flat tax without the appropriate marketing strategy, and most Americans aren't liking what they see (a massive tax hike on the middle class and a kneecapping of economic demand and purchasing power). Second, he is contending for the Southern states against a powerful three term Texas governor. We all remember what happened when the last Texas governor to become President needed to win Southern primaries against a political opponent whose name ended in "Cain," don't we?

Leave "the liberals" out of this one, fellas. All we're doing is kicking back with the 3D lenses and a tub of popcorn.


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