Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halls of Power

In the US Congress, the Senate scrapped Obama's jobs bill. Luckily, the President seems to realize that one way to get all this stuff done is break each bill into its constituent parts. That way, the people can see exactly how their Republican representatives are voting against infrastructure and public schools, in case the issue isn't yet clear enough.

If the President had done that with the original stimulus, we'd probably live in a very different country, politically.

On the local and state levels, Topeka, Kansas has opted to do away with their domestic violence ordinance because they spend too much money bringing those cases to court. Apparently after subsidizing real estate developers and handling contracts with the sanitation companies for trash pickup, the city can't afford to do things like investigate or prosecute crime. Instead, they'll stick that bill on the state and county governments, and hope that those organizations can find a line item in the budget to enforce the laws. In the meantime thirty individuals currently facing domestic violence charges were released, while the various governments work it out.

There is no word of change, however, on the local marijuana laws. Priorities, I guess.

For all of those #OccupyStuff folks who think they're in the park with their ironic posters because they aren't allowed to participate in government, not one of the Topeka city council candidates received more than 2,000 votes. Most won their seats with far less.

Still think you're doing anyone a favor by camping out in a park?


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