Monday, October 24, 2011

Mumme Poll Ballot Week 8

This year, I'm voting in the Mumme Poll, run by the college football blogs Get the Picture and Third Saturday in Blogtober. It is a cool thing to do if you're a college football fan, because it envisions college football rankings in a very different way.

Instead of a top 25, participants fill out a top 10, with a single vote for the best team. Then you simply tally up how many voters ranked who, and that gives you your rankings (which could be more or less than 25 depending on how many teams get support). This week's poll took me about 5 minutes to fill out, and about half an hour to explain my vote and write this blog post.

I didn't participate in past years because I didn't know if I would remember to do this for the college football season, but now that I'm doing it, I find the whole thing fascinating. Participants have until Tuesday to submit their ballots, and the poll comes out on Wednesday.

Here's my submission for this week:

Boise State
Oklahoma State
Michigan State

These are the teams that I think will finish the year in the top 10 by virtue of undefeated or 1 (maybe 2) loss seasons. I expect these will be the teams that A) win or participate in conference championship games, B) make it to the BCS as at-large selections.

I'm not going to drop OU or Wisconsin out of my top 10 based on the losses yesterday. If anything, the Wisconsin game demonstrated that Michigan State should join the Badgers in the top 10, not replace them. Oklahoma is always good for one head scratching loss a season, and I wouldn't expect them to sleepwalk through the rest of their games after last night.

I know that I am not including several unbeaten or 1 loss teams. But the fact is, I just don't think Kansas State's magic will hold up, or that Houston plays the same level of competition as these top teams. Arkansas and Virginia Tech could still play their way into my top ten, but that remains to be seen.

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