Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Mystery, That

Worst Louisiana shrimping season in memory? Yup. There's just no explanation why. I mean, not even the reporters from the New York Times could figure out what might be the problem.

Could have been too hot. Louisiana doesn't get hot in August, after all. Could have been the Mississippi River floods this spring. Mississippi River never floods in the spring. Maybe Tropical Storm Lee done scared all the shrimp away. We hardly ever get tropical weather in Louisiana. It has to be something like that - I mean, the industry experts all said the massive oil and chemical spill we're not talking about anymore wasn't really a big danger at all. Hell, magic bacteria in the Gulf of Mexico eat oil and poisonous chemicals because oil and chemical spills are natural as the ocean water itself.

It could be any number of factors really.

< / sarcasm >


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