Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The Myth-Making Machine

I hate the narrative on both the left and the right that claims President Obama's policies towards international terrorism are anything like the demonstrably failed horror-show the world had to live through during the Bush/Cheney administration.

[I]n claiming that Obama has adopted Bush administration policies he’d once criticized, Cheney seems to believe there’s no difference between, on the one hand, torturing captured detainees and, on the other hand, “taking robust action” (as, he allows, Obama has done) against an avowed enemy of the United States who has done our people harm and is in a position to do more.

The President is handling the wars as closely to the strategy he campaigned on, he has done so with a relentless consistency difficult to match in American history, and has found considerable success in doing so. The repeated idea that the President's successes are attributable to the former administration are as jaw droppingly false as the hysterical claim that his shortcomings equate him with the former administration's worst failures.


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