Monday, October 03, 2011

One Thing Leads to Another

I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so.

At some point, all this right-wing panic-inspiring bulls___ about Democratic, Liberal, and Progressive folks (and all their affiliated organizations) and their make-believe ties to groups trying to violently overthrow the United States government* is going to get some people hurt.

These are not unhinged commentators on a fringe website, these are folks at an esteemed publication that helps drive and define modern American "conservatism."

It makes me wonder what really is going to happen if individuals in that camp win complete political control of the United States again, and their demonstrably false "tax cuts = jobs" fantasy continues to fail as spectacularly as it has in the the last decade. What groups of people do you think their pundits will continue to blame? This train is never late.

Add the "violent union thugs" or "Ground Zero Victory Mosque" fantasies to those airwaves, and what do you think will happen if any sort of national protest against such policies gets even a little bit out of line?

It isn't a tough line to cross, going from shooing demonstrators out of a capitol building to gunning people down in the streets. We've got a bit of a history with that, in this country, especially in times of emergency or confusion when the popular culture of the moment has dehumanized your targets or labeled them inherent physical threats.

And please don't act like I'm "demonizing" anyone for pointing to actual American history as opposed to the revised version the Tea Party prefers. This stuff actually happens, and the more you consistently equate peaceful political enemies with violent national, economic, and cultural enemies, the closer we come to real history repeating itself.

* At the same time they control that government and use it to oppress you. Depending on how tangled and incoherent you'd like your right-wing serving of bull.


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