Sunday, October 02, 2011

Trading Schools for Oil Profits

Maitri reminds us that subsidies and tax credits for oil refineries take away access to education for America's children.

Because oil companies don't make enough money to maintain their own oil refineries. Poor oil companies. Maybe they should organize a bake sale.

Another reminder? There are plenty of massive-profit industries the government pays for at the expense of government services like public schools. Funny thing is how they then go around telling folks that the "public school model" is a failure.

Maybe someone should get that memo to these folks:

Because I think we could significantly cut down on government spending if we let a little bit more of the market into the US corporate "business friendly" model. And if these industries decide to keep their massive profits, bonuses, and golden handshakes while passing the "cost" onto the consumer, well, then the consumer can make the decision based on their own personal cost-benefit analysis. That's what a free-enterprise system is all about.

Wish we had one.


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