Saturday, October 08, 2011

Why Fox News is a Joke

The headline on this article says it all. Especially considering the video evidence, which shows something more like a crowd dynamic (large crowds tend to press) and what their report calls "storming the barricades."

This is not a spoof, it is a real article passed off as real news by what is still considered by many as a real news organization. Fox News is none of those things. It is truly a propaganda machine, where editorial decisions are made to support a specific political agenda while sowing the seeds of mass cultural panic and bunker mentality amongst its viewership. Only in such a context does the videotaped activity have any resemblance to "storming the barricades" with "Democrat support."


Of course, this Washington Post op-ed gets far closer to the truth of the matter, not the singular incident, but the overall activity. Or the way Slate adds it to coverage.

But don't pay attention to them, some would say, they represent the "liberal media."


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