Thursday, October 27, 2011

"You Are Paying Their Taxes"

New Orleans City Councilwoman Stacy Head puts the power of property tax assessments into perspective:

“Fair assessments are key to a democratic and fair society,” she implored. “If you are paying your fair share, if you are assessed properly, and your neighbor’s not, you are paying their taxes.”

I'm wondering how many single home owners' taxes are subsidizing other citizens' large estates or rental home empire? I wonder how many good landlords are paying to keep their properties in commerce while speculators are allowing properties to become blight to avoid a higher assessment? And then there is the consideration that these property taxes directly affect our standard of living.

Potholes? Property taxes. That street that's about to collapse? More property taxes. The city's Sewerage and Water Board infrastructure? Yeah, that too.

#OccupyYourAssessorsOffice. Because you don't need to go to Wall Street to make a change on Main Street.


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