Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The Con Continues

This is what Sarah Palin has done to our politics. The Herman Cain "scandal" continues, with Cain gaining support, and the media following the right wing in decrying the "liberals" that just aren't involved. Evidence is starting to suggest to me that this "scandal" is completely manufactured. I'd wager this was either launched on him by the Perry campaign (that has since backfired), or is wholly a construction of the Cain campaign to lock down his support in the final month before the primaries begin.

Why do I think this? Oftentimes a right wing argument is not just free from reality, but it is absolutely diametrically opposed to reality. Take for example the narrative in the Herman Cain "Scandal" that liberals are scared of Herman Cain's ideas, so they attack him personally. Nothing could be further from the truth. Not only would a general election put Cain on the same debate stage as Obama, they would put some of the right wing's most sacred ideas in front of an electorate primed to see them for the garbage that they are.

So who is really frightened of Herman Cain's "ideas?" The right. The Republican Party. Other Republican candidates who have less ideas than he has. Any of those people, but (and here's where the Sarah Palin playbook comes in) maybe the Cain campaign itself is tired of talking about "ideas." Maybe they feel they just have to make something up, cast Cain as the victim of some bull___ "liberal witch hunt" in order to increase his electoral chances. That's probably closer to the truth than a lot of people realize.

Of course, this could have been the plan all along.

And for the record, it is the utter nonsense like this that has finally turned me into the raging partisan you're reading. I'm tired of hearing about a liberal media that does not exist, I'm tired of hearing everything blamed on "liberal" straw men, I'm tired of folks letting the right wing get away with lie after lie after lie repeating it as if it were the truth, I'm exhausted with the bold faced fabrication of false equivalence - that "both sides do this," I'm tired of people ascribing evil intentions towards a President that is actually attempting to do his job, and I'm really, really tired of the lack of seriousness evident in this modern day Republican Party. This is not a political philosophy, it is a marketing strategy with a substandard product.


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