Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ideas vs Tents

Hell, even the demonstrators themselves were having problems with maintaining a tent city.

"It's not about the park, it never was," he added. "It's Occupy Wall Street, it was never 'Sleep at Wall Street.' The message got confused in the camping, the expansion."

That makes a lot of sense. The OccupyStuff had a powerful, consensus building narrative it was working from with massive demonstrations against Wall Street and the financial industry. The 99% campaign, while oversimplified, put a face on the problems with the unsustainable American economy; a face that too many in the media and the political castes have labeled "the moocher class." Those factors combined to change the entire national conversation for the first time since I've been alive.

And then it became about people camping in parks, as if that was ever going to affect positive political change for any reason. All that did was open the conversation to stories about human pathology that comes from close quarters.

I guess we'll see if they can turn the corner.


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