Wednesday, November 30, 2011

People Camping in Parks

According to the reality-denial right wing, the Occupy folks are the ones who shut down the Supercommittee.

Yes, the same Occupy folks who are getting the crap kicked out of them by local law enforcement are somehow able to leverage a secret deficit committee in the US Capitol.

I guess you can just add this to the massive credibility deficit being run up by the American right. At least we can give them credit for consistency - it takes some real dedication to go this far down the rabbit hole.

But this represents the run of the mill right-wing defense of their bankrupt ideology: find an "enemy," prove that it has halted some progress, and blame it on the left. That's the right's only political idea anymore. I mean, watch how it works:

Huge majorities of Americans are coming to the realization that the entire US economic system is anything but a "free-market" and more resembles feudalism where the already wealthy get to take advantage of tax breaks, subsidies, and loopholes to pay far less than their share of taxes while the middle class gets stuck with the bill. Not only that, but these same "job creators" take that meme to all levels of government are are able to score even more subsidies or government contracts, further enriching themselves. Now that large numbers of Americans are figuring this out, they want to end that system, and work towards a system that includes more tax justice.

Folks like Norquist and his cronies on the right don't want that to happen, and have proven that with the economically crippling Bush tax rates, the behavior of sponsored GOP allies in the states, and their engagement in class warfare over any conversation involving increasing taxes. Now that they realize most Americans would sacrifice the top marginal tax rates before government services like schools and roads, they've got to come up with some boogeymen to confuse the issue.

(And let's not get crazy, we're simply talking about a return to Clinton era tax rates. Last time I checked, the wealthy did pretty well for themselves back in the 90's.)

That's how we get to the part about Occupy Wall Street having some sort of influence on the right-wing led failure of the Supercommittee. It simply doesn't matter how ridiculous that idea is on its face.


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