Tuesday, November 08, 2011

So Much for the Occupation

And just like so many before it, the OccupyStuff campaign starts to fizzle out, fray around the edges, and fall prey to the same pathologies that have taken down every similar populist movement in my lifetime.

There will still be witty signs and poigniant Facebook status updates, but those who prefer tantrums and spectacle to lasting change will now begin to steal the show, and wreck this next failed iteration of "the revolution" as they have wrecked all the others.

Which means Occupy is about to have another similarity to the Tea Party: very low approval ratings from the population at large while they start squabbling amongst each other and throwing their tantrums in front of the cameras.

At least they were able to change the conversation for a minute. People will remember that, even after this week's round of scandals have been moved off the rotation in the media. Maybe someone will be inspired to start figuring out what they can do, beyond sitting in a park, to change things. Until then, this is the same old story - all Wall Street ever has to do is wait, because this kind of thing just isn't sustainable.


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