Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tea Party Tactics

It looks like OccupyMichelleBachmann'sCampaignEvents has taken a few pages from the Tea Party's 2009 playbook.

The stunned look on Bachmann's face tells me all I need to know about how that shoe fits on the other foot.



patsbrother said...
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patsbrother said...

Random thoughts:

(1) That wasn't a town hall.
(2) I didn't see some befuddled look on Bachmann's face.
(3) After she returned to the stage, she said: "Don't you just love the First Amendment?"

What are you so excited about?

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

It was a speaking event open to the public. Tea Party playbook didn't restrict this behavior to town halls.

Bachmann always has the blank, befuddled look of someone repeating tales from the land of make believe, unrestrained by fact, verification, or reality. But she was stunned that this happened to her, have no doubt, because people like that simply aren't used to confronting people who disagree with them in such blatant ways. That's why the tantrum throwing from 2009 was very effective at first - it was unexpected. This was, too.

And you could see the shock on her face and the way she fled the stage. That is exactly what the Tea Party's 2009 playbook was designed to do to Democratic officials and candidates at events like this.

They opened the door for nonsense like this.

And the "first-amendment" line has become the standard response by almost every politician who has had an event interrupted in such ways.

patsbrother said...

(1) The Tea Party didn't start this. Liberals have been interrupting speeches for years. The Tea Party did not "open the door", as you say.

(2) A Town Hall expects audience participation; a speech does not.

(3) I am not a Bachmann supporter, but I cannot say she "fled" the stage (unless you consider anyone eventually leaving anywhere "fleeing") and she did not look shocked

(4) I don't recall Democrats immediate response to a bad Town Hall meeting as: "Don't you love the First Amendment?"

I think you have far overblown this, as per usual.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

I wrote two sentences on my blog about something I found interesting.

That's why I have a blog.

You asked a question, I answered. You keep harping on this thing.

I'm well aware the Tea Party didn't "start" this. (There was a lot of talk that these tactics come from Saul Alinsky.) But they leveraged behavior like this into a massive amount of media attention in 2009. Far more than any group on "the left" had been able to accomplish in decades.

Shutting down discourse with a temper tantrum is not "audience participation."