Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year!

Despite his continued crusade against bicycle transportation, Jeffrey has one of the best 2011 round ups I've seen on the internet.

It includes this:

2011: The year NOPD decided it was okay to pepper spray a Mardi Gras parade but later on became pretty much the only police force to not pepper spray any Occupy protesters.



Michael Homan said...

I just made the connection that the Patrick from 11-11-11 is the Cousin Pat from this blog. Sorry I'm so slow. -M. Homan

DADvocate said...

You OK, man?

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Homan: yep, that's me!

DADV: Yeah, doing alright. Very, very busy recently. And when the business kicks up, the blog writing is the first to go to make room. Hopefully I'll be able to pick it back up soon.

Hope you and the kids are doing well!

DADvocate said...

We're fine. My 18 year old son got a scholarship to play football at a small college, Georgetown College in Kentucky an NAIA program. The others are staying busy too. I'm working hard also. Sometimes weekends are the only time I can blog.

Glad to hear you're OK. The lack of any posts at all had me worried.