Sunday, August 26, 2012


Here we go again.

State of emergency declared for Southeast Louisiana including New Orleans.

Right now we've been told by Mayor Landrieu to be ready to shelter in place. Governor Jindal has opened voluntary evacuations for folks in low lying areas in the coastal parishes and those outside the levees. This will probably turn into mandatory evacuations for the same folks before noon tomorrow. Some parishes are already closing down their schools.

Folks who have i-Stuff can download "Get a Game Plan" app.

Right now, the weather is beautiful in New Orleans, though the grocery stores and hardware stores are packed. Glad I went early this morning. Here's hoping all those levee improvements that have been made over the last seven years work.

Best case scenario is that this thing stays as a rain event, and brings some much needed precipitation to the hinterlands, and nobody gets killed. But we're prepping for the worst case.


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