Thursday, August 16, 2012

Joe Biden Goes Too Far

So, let me get this straight:

After four years of hearing about the birth certificateKenyan anti-colonialismapologizing for America, the Ground Zero Mosque, the long form birth certificatespiking the football about Osama bin Ladendeath panelsshaking down BP, the state of Hawai'i's conspiracy to falsify the birth certificate, "you lie," Reverend Wright, the Black Panthers and the Justice Department, the Fast and the Furious and the Justice Departmentkeeping the President's name off the ballot because of the birth certificateShirley SherrodACORNvoting fraud, the "unconstitutional" ACAMichelle's racist thesis, "you didn't build that," "gutting welfare reform," and "Obama SAID he killed Osama personally with his own two hands and everything"... everyday, all day, on Fox News, talk radio, all over the internet, in Facebook posts and chain emails...*

But Joe Biden is the guy orchestrating a "campaign of division and anger and hate?"


Some of us aren't all upset about the "put y'all back in chains" comment because we remember the lessons we learned about indentured servitude and sharecropping back in public school history classes. In economic terms, those aren't too far away from the systems of credit default swaps (where big owners purchase and sell someone's personal debt), underwater mortgages, and actual crushing personal debt. We know exactly whose economic plan led us down that rabbit hole for ten years, don't we?

And we all remember which economic system we had to "compare and contrast" to indentured servitude and sharecropping, right? Leads right into a "y'all in chains" image, doesn't it? But I guess drawing that line is just "going too far." Unless you willingly misrepresent the metaphor.

I know! Let's get rid of Medicare instead.

* (I have a feeling I'll be using this paragraph for a long, long time.)


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