Thursday, May 26, 2005

Who Needs Laws?

May 26

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I remember back when SimCity came out, and it was sooo cool. But this is getting ridiculous. I love the fact that two giant companies are finally competing over something I think is neat.
Sattelite Images on your computer.

Cyberwar. At least we are thinking about it ahead of time for a change. Though I must pity the fool that messes with the digital society that got so good at a game called “Grand Theft Auto” that we had to have 5 of them (so far).

And biowar. This is scary as any thriller flick starring Dustin Hoffman. Kudos to the writer for using the Blog format for this war of the worlds style warning.

Why I don’t like the Bush Administration & why Eric Alterman is the Man OR How to excoriate your political opponents using facts and citations.

This one is wild, suggesting the creation of a Coalition of the Chillin as far as American Politics are concerned, and LAYING ODDS on who will be the Presidential Candidates in 2008. (Clinton is 8:1, Rudy G. is 10:1) And I thought I was getting good with my Bipartisan Top 25! I smell a squares board…

A little more about the Middle Eastern success story in the making called Lebanon. Though I’m not sure if the byline of the article fits the meat of the piece, I hope that what has happened in Lebanon can be a lesson to every tyrant, isolationist and neocon around the globe. When you do it right, you can spread Democracy, Freedom and Justice without firing a single shot. If Ol’ Dubya is responsible for it, he gets some props, even from me. But let’s not forget that small group of Lebanese who showed up in the streets demonstrating for their own independence according to PubliusPundit.

Here’s a guy who thinks the best way to discredit Al Sharpton is to advocate breaking American laws, threatening American national security, and stealing money from Americans. Way to go!

Newsflash, kids. Vicente Fox is a vote grubbing knucklehead who was WAAY out of line with his comments a couple weeks ago. I commented on this, strangely enough, a couple weeks ago. Here’s what I said: (never though I’d have the Bill O’Reilly like arrogance to quote myself, but what can you do?)

“I hear crap like this all the time. You know why American businesses like to hire illegal immigrants from south of the border? They will accept less pay, they will work in more hostile conditions, they will never file for worker’s comp, they will never sue based on racial, religious or sexual discrimination, and they will never have a legal recourse to seek redress of grievances if an employer breaks the law. I don’t blame the migrant; I blame the US Justice Department for not cracking down on American business who hire these folks. Then I blame INS for keeping out immigrants who contribute legal industry and business to this country, or follow the rules in coming to America. And before you go off on how anti-immigrant I am, I know a few that followed the letter of the law and got led from the Atlanta gate in HANCUFFS for their troubles. And BTW this whole “blacks don’t want the jobs” thing is a bunch of KKKrap.”

I find it extremely interesting that there are conservatives in this country who will defend Vicente Fox for advocating breaking American laws, stealing tax burden dollars from Americans and threatening American national security. Or maybe, just maybe, discrediting Al Sharpton is more important to the right than upholding America as a nation of laws.