Thursday, July 28, 2005

And for our next trick...

IRA Renouces Violence
also in the news today:
Water No Longer Wet

Honestly, i like a peace process as much as the next girl, but the IRA giving up violence is like Sean Connery getting a sex change -- technically not impossible, but close enough to it for government work.

Everyone remember Robin Hood and his merry men?

Also, a timeline of main events since the ceasefire all those year ago. At the time, it seemed possible that peace was just around the corner...or the next corner...or the next...maybe it's this corner?
Maybe not.

And the nerds rejoiced...

Not much to say on this one...feel free to draw your own conclusions.

I'd go to any of our local 'vampires-in-the-street', but they're all busy 'combing their hair' in the bathroom right now...

Link - And they don't even need to wear bras on their heads...

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Nominations for Supreme Court


Here's a couple of more sources for you guys to chomp on.

US department of Justice Bio

Bland article

Wikipedia's take

Interesting reading without much opinion.

dKosopedia's Bio

Trying to sell their opinion.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Monday, July 18th

The Glynn County Democratic Party will be going over many things at our monthly meeting. One of them is this:

Glynn County Democratic Party
Student Security Resolution

Whereas the Glynn County School System has been placed on six more months of probation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools: Council on Accreditation and School Improvement;

Understanding that more than 600 Glynn County School System students are high school seniors scheduled to graduate in 2006, and that they depend on the Glynn County School System’s accreditation for the opportunity to seek higher education and receive HOPE scholarship grants;

Concerned for the more than 2700 Glynn County School System students who will be approaching high school graduation in the years to come;

Alarmed that the hard work of so many students, parents, teachers and administrators is being threatened;

We, the Glynn County Democratic Party, do Hereby Resolve:

1. To demand of the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges (SACS) a full and itemized report on the reasons the Glynn County School System remains under probation, what SACS is specifically demanding that the Glynn County School System change, what timetable SACS requires of the Glynn County School System, and that this SACS report be signed and notarized as official;
2. To release this official report, through media channels, to the citizens, students, and parents of Glynn County;
3. To appoint or elect a member or members of the Glynn County Democratic Party to observe specific matters pertaining to the Glynn County School System;
4. To require such member or members so appointed or elected to perform the following duties:
a. Attend public meetings of the Glynn County School Board;
b. Examine the legal and proper methods by which specific School Board members may have their elected status recalled;
c. Investigate the grievances of parents, students, teachers and administrators within the Glynn County School System;
d. Report their findings pursuant to item “b” to the Glynn County Democratic Party no later than _______________________(date) so that necessary actions may be taken.

5. To release the contents of this resolution, as well as any findings, actions and resulting reports, through media channels, to the citizens, students and parents of Glynn County.

Ratified by the Glynn County Democratic Party this______day of___________, 2005

For_____________ Against_____________ Abstentions_____________

Introduced June 16, 2005
Finalized July 10, 2005
Authored by Glynn County Democratic Party Resolution Committee

Print it out, take notes, bring your comments and questions. We're on our way to save my Alma Mater - Glynn Academy, and even the old blue and gold Brunswick High. We're all pulling together for this one: Terror Spirit/Pirate Pride, and in the grand traditions of all the hellraisers and rabble rousers ever to stalk the halls of either school. We didn't go quiet then, we sure as hell ain't goin' quiet now!

The schedule for the Monday night meetings can be found here.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Why Karl Rove won't be going to jail.

Hate to break it to the Loony Lefties, but Karl Rove won't be seeing the inside of a jail cell anytime soon. Not for supposedly 'outing' Valerie Plume at least.

You see, the statute which has everyone's panties in a twist, was written to protect people from outing undercover CIA agents for the purpose of assassination. The law is very, VERY specific in it's terms regarding the violation of the law. The quick version of those terms in this case are:

1. That Rove specifically named Valerie Plame.
2. That Valerie Plame was, in fact, working undercover for the CIA.
3. That Rove knew Valerie Plame was working undercover for the CIA.
4. That the CIA was actively trying, and that Karl Rove knew that the CIA was actively trying to protect the identity of Valerie Plame at the time Rove made his statement to the reporter.

Regarding point one, it appears that Karl Rove never specifically named Valerie Plame, but even if he did, so what. Point two makes the whole thing moot.

Valerie Plame was undercover at one time. In 1994. She was pulled off of her undercover assignment after it became apparrent that Aldrich Ames ratted her out to the Soviets.

In the case of point three, I'm pretty sure Karl Rove knew that she wasn't undercover, since she was working a desk job for the CIA, and was able to come and go as she pleased in public.

Regarding point four, if the CIA had been trying to conceal the identity of Valerie Plame, they did a pretty piss poor job of it.

The Democrats would love for you to believe that Karl Rove endangered Valerie Plame's life, and broke, as paT like to say, 'some really real laws'. Too bad that's not the case. It would be hard to break secrecy laws in this case when, as the article states:
Toensing says that on the contrary, the CIA gave Plame a desk job in which she publicly went to and from work, allowed her spouse to do a mission in Africa without signing a confidentiality agreement and didn't object to his writing an op-ed piece in the New York Times about his trip.

Keep trying kids. One day, you might find someone who was wronged by Karl Rove, but today won't be the day.

Linky - The business.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Upcoming Events

Stormy Monday

Next Monday, July 18th, will be a night of Democratic Politics in Glynn County!

To start the evening, the Young Democrats Caucus will be meeting in Brunswick at Fox's Pizza Den (Corner of Newcastle and Glouchester Streets Downtown) at 6:00pm. We will be talking about what financial support we can send to our sisters and brothers up in Athens, 'cause the biggest Young Democrats organization in Georgia is the UGA Young Democrats. (If you are reading this up in Athens, and you are a Young Democrat, you should be attending meetings. Tell 'em we sent ya!) We're also going to go over the Student Security Resolution that will present a Democratic Party response to the Glynn County School Boards accreditation issue. (We'll have an official full text copy by then, so show up!) We'll also discuss any additional business we'd like to bring up at the Membership Meeting. (see below) Most of y'all know what I look like (I'll be there eating pizza) but for those that don't I'll have an American Flag flying at my table. Everyone is welcome.

The Main Event is the Glynn County Democratic Party July Meeting! Its in Brunswick's downtown, Monday the 18th 7:30 PM - 09:00 PM
Where: First Methodist Church Miller Building
Monck St (between Glynn Academy and Glouchester: drive to the front of GA and then make a left, then your next left. The parking lot should be full of "Kerry/Edwards" stickers. Or you can meet me at Fox's Pizza and follow me there)
This agenda is a big one, lot of stuff going on, including the Student Security Resolution which will be introduced at the meeting. I'll be sitting in the back, raisin' hell as always! Everyone is welcome at this meeting, too.

After we're done with the fireworks at the Main Event, Democracy for America & co will be truckin' on over to Spanky's Marshside for some late night appetizers and Democratic comraderie. We are a Party, after all! Everyone is encouraged to stop by. You will identify me by the American flag I will be carrying about.

See you there & Tell all yo' frens!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Monday morning right-wing pandering...

Since I'm feeling saucy today, I figure i'd link just some blatant, right-wing, blabbering nonsense about 8 of those anti-war rallying cries that just don't hold up to facts and logic. Now, I expect plenty of huffing, puffing, foot-stamping, and perhaps even some outright whining over this one kids. Get to it.

Last week's roundup to come yet. Worry not.

Link, for those who are readingly-challenged Looky! Words!

Friday, July 08, 2005

News Roundup

Had to get that last bit out of the system.

News that I am paying attention to:

1. Tracking Dennis the Menace. You know you will read that on boarded up storefronts all over the Gulf Coast. Batten down the hatches, y'all, this hurricane season's gonna be rough.

2. London has been bombed. But this is the city that survived the Armada, Trafalgar, Napoleon, the IRA and the Blitz. You may refer, historically, to every power that had the gall to go at London itself, and know that they will overcome. The world reverberates with the sound of solidarity.

Pay attention, folks. This is the world on extremism.

Speaking of extremes, I find it intriguing that Bill O'Reilly's main function tonight was to respond to the London attacks by examining the very important issue of anti-American bias in several British papers. He didn't even quote a single thing, and then he said London's mayor supports suicide bombers. Can you imagine what would have happened if someone had said something as ridiculous about Giuliani two days after 9/11? Pay attention, conservatives. That's your boy with some self centered foot in mouth this week.

While we're on this thread, I'll just say that if any journalist needs to loose a job this week, Brit Hume needs to go home. I know its a stretch to call this individual a "journalist," but I'll accept the terminology with how bad this particular profession is right now. His first thought was to buy futures? If this had been an editor of the New York Times or an anchor at CBS, Townhall would be howling for this man's head on a platter. I guess you can get away with that when you work for a news organization that prefers "Balance" over "Truth." Now instead of your emotional responses to another world city and center of western civilization falling prey to murderous fiends, Fox offers you, in keeping with the idea of balance, sound financial advice. In addition to your tax cut, wealthy people, consider buying this or that, which will be affected by the tragedy in the coming days. I rarely put this out there, but shame on Fox News. Shame. Sackcloth and ashes.

And again we ask you, What Liberal Media?

Eshaton rounds up some other dubious "news items" for London.

3. Israel. Just in case no one has been paying attention recently, there's some really real important things going down in the Holy Land. Now, before we go any further, I want to make myself crystal clear. The Jewish people are people who follow a religion, and are considered by many to be an ethnic group. The people of Israel are citizens of a nation. I know that many in the American Jewish community feel strong ties to the Nation of Israel. Please keep in mind, however, that criticism of a government is not criticism of a religion or ethnic group.

Now read this:

Israel is on the verge of massive internal civil strife. While the Palestinian government talks real big for the first time ever, the Israeli Ministry of Defense is prepping Fourty Five Thousand (45,000) troops to remove 9,000 settlers from land outside the Israeli border to land inside the Israeli border. An overwhelming force. I applaud the Israeli government for this move, as it will begin to bring Israel, which should be a force for democracy and freedom in the region, back into line with international law that the United States helped write back in 1948. But there are a bunch of settlers there and regular citizens in Israel who don't want to give up Gaza. I guess these folks just don't think International law, or more importantly Israeli law applies to them. The fight for Gaza has already begun, and it will pit Israeli vs. settler.

I hope the Israeli government is able to pull this off. We need them as allies, and we also need for them to play by International Law. We need for Abbas and the Palestinian authority to step up. We decided, as a world, back in 1948, that Nations could no longer invade and take land and then decide to live there. We gave too many millions of lives to stop that sort of thing. I hope Sharon is the man who can pull this off, but I fear he will share the fate of another Prime Minister who had the cajones and gall to bring Peace and Hope to the Holy Lands. Yitzak Rabin, a giant among men, slain at the hands of his own countrymen - not the enemy from without.

This is our world. This is our world on extremism.

The Radio is Back On

Daddy's home.

Just when you thought this whole blog was going to be taken over by the rantings of conservo-matic SAWB, I return to my regular broadcast spot. Get ready kids. I may not post as often anymore, but the ones I will have are gonna be good.

I apologize to all of you who have had to listen to "what conservatives don't like today and why liberals are to blame" radio for the last two weeks. My schedule has taken a traumatic whoopin'.

Primarily, allow me to explain my absence. There was no hangover involved in the last two weeks. A job training trip took me to beautiful Columbus, Georgia where much job training was done. When I could take no more, I went downtown to a place called "The Loft" and played in an open mic nite to a group of very talented west Georgians. I guess that's how they do it down on the Chattahoochee.

Upon my triumphant return to St Simons, I had a week's worth of work backed up on my desk, and I had to change everything in my office. This is what we like to call an ongoing process. (That's what we call it in polite company, anyway - I do work with one retired Colonel from the US Army and one retired Command Master Chief from the Navy)

Then began the Great 4th of July Weekend of 2005. This Republic is 229 years old, and has been providing the world with the world saving light of Rock and Roll American Dreamin' from the moment Jefferson spoke "We the People" out loud. Attitude has nothing to do with what kind of guitar you play. But play we did, Rough House and the Bearfoot Hookers put some noise to this sleepy little island, and woke up the locals. The extravaganza lasted for 4 whole days, one gallon of rum, one gallon of Wild Turkey, 5 cases of cold beer and a bar tab that was scaling the round numerals in three digit varieties. I never had a chance to be hungover.

New Jokes:

If you've ever thrown fireworks into the ocean water cause it looks cool at night, you might be a redneck.

If you've ever had to run from fireworks you have tossed in the ocean at night, because the waves are throwing them back at you, you might be a redneck.

If you've ever had a kid walk up to you at the beach and ask if you played Chewbacca, you might be a (hairy) redneck.

If your idea of fun includes yelling at skim-boarders to fall and then keeping score when they do, you might be a redneck.

If you've ever hollered "Jailbait radar! Awwwooooga!" in front of more than 15 people, you might be a redneck.

If you've ever thrown controlled substances out the window of your truck, and then found it days later in the bed of the truck, you might be a redneck.

If you've ever washed sand off your feet with warm beer, you might be a redneck.

If you've ever filled an empty gatorade bottle with rum, because glass isn't allowed on the beach, you might be a redneck.

If you've ever heard the words "Its my sister's birthday, we're skinny dippin'!" You might be talking to a redneck.

If you strip down and go in after them, you might be a redneck.

And finally, if you've ever built a sandcastle using empty beer cans to prop it up, you might be a redneck.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Since paT is too hungover to read...

...much less post, I figured I'd start our Tuesday morning out the right way.

So, here we have another batch of the 'way too much free time' crowd, once again 'demanding' that we shut down Gitmo. This time, however, we've replaced your usual whines about how 'inhumane' it is that we feed, clothe, medically treat, and pander to religously these terrorists, with today's news. Now, apparrently, Gloria Steinem is comparing the terrorists at Gitmo with the COLONISTS OF THE FIRST 13 COLONIES!!!

Seriously, people, you've GOT to be kidding me. Not only do we have Mr. Steinem claiming that we're treating the folks down at Club Git like the English treated those who left for America 300+ years ago, but we also have a swell quote here by one Rachel Meeropol. For those not in the know, Ms. Meeropol is the granddaughter of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. The same Julius and Ethel Rosenberg who were executed in 1953 for spying for the Russians.

Ms. Meeropol claims that "The Bush administration "has claimed the power to kidnap men anywhere in the world and hold them, interrogate them, detain them without any process of law."

Once again guys, these people are getting face time in the name of the Democratic party. The National Organization of Women is pretty heavily anti-Bush and anti-Republican. I'd wager that Ms. Meeropol voted Democrat too. Start fixing your own house before you tell me what's wrong with mine.