Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Don't Panic

Whatever You Do

South Georgia readers. Hell, all Georgia readers. Just stay home tonight. Do not go to the gas station. The sky is not falling. We have gasoline now. We will have more gasoline by tomorrow afternoon. Do not panic. Yes, prices will go up, but they will go up even further if you panic.

Luckily, I live on an Island where everyone has a bicycle. Thanks to the irresponsibility of our press, we almost had a panic. Thanks to the incompetence of our press, not many actually knew about it until they were on their way home. Thank you Southern dinners for calling us away to more reasonable persuits as well as prime time TV. Pictures will come when I have them developed. But, as SAWB can attest, we were without information down here for about an hour. I had to call him and Bandit to find out what's going on. Then we went to the local gas station to see the craziness. I'll be going back shortly.

As of 6:30pm, Frederica Road was almost empty. Updates tomorrow.

American Disaster

More on Hurricane Katrina

Updates: Thank God they decided to leave on Saturday. My New Orleans families have lost a lot. Even the houses and restaurants that weren't flooded may have been in areas where looting was rampant. Noone has been back yet, and though I thank the Lord above that I haven't heard of anyone hurt, the loss of so much is devastating. My cousin Ike may end up going to his first year of school in Chicago. That's what I've heard through the grapevine anyway.

As of yesterday, I still hadn't heard back from James (the Brantley County Bandit) regarding his family from Long Beach, Mississippi. I know they took up in the Stennis Space Center, but after looking at the footage of coastal Mississippi, I know they probably lost their home. The phone lines are still down, so we don't know anything.

Please, y'all, donate something to the Red Cross.

Here's today's roundup.

Nature: The moment you do not respect this, it kills you.

Baton Rouge is still coming through.

Blogging from New Orleans. I think this guy is using a phone of some sort.

The view from above.

Neighborhood Updates. The city still isn't safe. Anywhere. But you can look at this site and get an idea of what's going on. Anyone whose been to New Orleans with me know the importance of some of those street names, and why reading this is like a punch to the gut for me.

“Convince Me I’m Wrong.” This is great commentary from SciGuy. I think it was Winston Churchill that looked upon London during the Blitz and said "What a pitiful effort this is, to burn a great city." New Orleans is one of America's great cities, and all great cities are faced with great trials. It always has been and always will be. The mother of jazz will not find her end here.

But this will be a defining moment of American history. Never before has the United States dealt with catastrophe on this scale. One million possible refugees. An entire region of the country wrecked. Our oil industry hammered. The Astrodome in Houston clearing its schedule through December to take on the frail. 40 - field hospitals setting up around the edges of the worst hit areas. An armada of help flying, floating and driving in.

Yeah, they're going to retire Katrina's jersey. Just like that, our entire society will change because of what happened. How much it will cost, in lives and dollars, will someday affect all of us somehow. Even over here in South Georgia, where the sun is shining bright, our eyes keep looking 700 miles to the west.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Bits and ends...

First up, apparrently, it's not looting if you've been oppressed all your life. Once again, the sense of entitlement comes to life in the most sickening of scenarios. If you ever wonder why some people don't want to leave their homes and businesses during a natural disaster/riot/other disturbance, this is why. Remember, if you will, during the Rodney King riots, the video of the shopkeepers on top of their stores with AK-47s and shotguns and hunting rifles. Those people weren't out for kicks, they were protecting their lives and livelihood from the scum of the earth.

Next - More out of that fine, fine socialist, Hugo Chavez. Apparrently, Senor Chavez, through noted race-pimp Jesse Jackson (no, he's not the Reverend Jesse Jackson. The title of Reverend goes to people who have attended and graduated from a seminary, as well as having a congregation), has announced he it going to sell up to 10% of the oil produced in Venezuela to "poor communities, hospitals, religious communities, schools" in the US.

Well, how thoughtful of him. However, I'm curious as to who, where, and how this windfall of heating oil will be dispersed. I'm sure that Mr. Jackson has an idea or three of how to disperse that oil. It's probably close to how the oil in the oil-for-food program in Iraq was distributed.

Lastly, we go back to good old nutty Cindy. If you still don't think that this woman is an attention whore, take a look at this. Most times, grieving isn't a photo op. Go home, Cindy. Go home.

Robertson's Greatest Hits

When the 700 Club Meets the Sopranos

Now, I've watched American Yahoo Pat "God wants you to give me more money" Robertson for years. I love tuning into the 700 Club on TV and seeing what unreasonable thing these folks want to do with our America. I've told friends and family, like some modern day Cassandra, that these folks, led by the little Theocrat himself, have money, political clout, and that they want to destroy the Land of the Free. If they were in charge, I would be frog-marched to the front of the line and executed because I listen to punk rock, heavy metal, hip-hop and, worst of all, I disagree with them. But my family and friends didn't listen. Especially the conservative ones. "Patrick," they'd say, "you're being silly. Pat Robertson wouldn't say we need to kill all the Palestinians. He wouldn't say that you're going to Hell and are a traitor. He wouldn't say that the best thing that could happen to the US State Department (where my Uncle worked) would be to fire nuclear (nukyular) weapons at Foggy Bottom. He's just a preacher, he wouldn't say things like that." Felt like I was taking crazy pills.

So maybe I'm taking a few victory laps around the park cause ol' Patty got his hand caught in the Fatwah jar. Suddenly, my Dad is very interested in what ol' Patty has gone around spouting off.

So I've been looking for a neat little bloggy style roundup of all the threatening, "they don't like me so let's kill the heathens" quotes from our new ultra-right wing poster boy, Patty "Let God Sort 'em Out" Robertson. Wouldn't you know who shows up with a bevy of citiations but Slate.

Once again, for the win.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

Last word I had was that my New Orleans family (Rigamers and Chapatons) were safe but soggy up in Tupelo, Mississippi. Last word I had heard about the Bandit's family (from Long Beach, Mississippi) is that they were safe and holed up in the John C. Stennis NASA base, but that was right in the path of Katrina's eye. No real word on damage yet, but the news doesn't look like it's gonna be good.

Here's a small round up of Katrina blogs and pictures that you can go look at:

Hurricane Radio blogrolls Hurricane Update in Baton Rouge.

The New Orleans Times-Picayune it was updated about 20 minutes ago as of this posting. (Central Time)

And here's about 50 pictures of storm damage that you can go and see. This one is a bad, bad storm to be doing things like this.

That's all for now, you can check out more slideshows on the Weather Channel and on MSNBC. This is the lead story of the day. If you go to our "News Blogs" sections, you can use the link to "Clicked" for a more comptlete roundup of hurricane news and blogs. They are updating constantly, so check back and see what's going on.

Prayers for folks who are there. I can only be thankful that St. Simons has remained safe for so long, though I know it is only a matter of time.

Taste and Class III

Speaking of protesters...

I know I've said that when a counter-protest (or angry mob whooping your butt) outnumbers your protest 100 to 1, there is no story. I was wrong, in this instance at least.

Warning: What you are about to read is perhaps the most vile and insensitive protest I have ever heard about.

Question: What is worse than anti-war protesters bothering wounded soldiers at Walter Reed?

Answer: These individuals who were actually chased away from their protest site: a church and cemetary where families were actually burying their sons killed at war. The really bad part of it is: this isn't the first time this group has done something like this.

You want to talk about the lowest of the low, I think these guys just about win that award hands down. I'd like to send a message to every city permit granter out there: turn these guys down when they ask for a permit, and make them sue you to get it done. There is a difference between discrimination and discretion that I hope the docket that one lands in will understand.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Words and Images of War

Everyone should go and read Michael Yon's blog. This guy is a reporter imbedded with the Army in Mosul. Forwarded to me by SAWB, this will appear in the "News Blogs" links section from now on.

Also, for more good news about the world getting tough but necessary things done, here's where Israel has finished the drill on one of the toughest missions to ever face any nation. The Gaza Pullout is complete.

Taste and Class (Number 2)...

Shill Game

Question: What's worse than an overrated anti-war protest?
Answer: "Conservative" radio "personalities" being so scared of overrated anti-war protesters that they whitewash their websites. Like our "Make It Up as You Go Along" Weekly Award Winner, Rush Limbaugh!

What a piece of work this guy is. And before you conservatives jump the gun, I listened to homeboy's show for years, and watched his TV show when it was syndicated all those years ago (when he had a real fanbase). Dude has his moments, and he can be really funny when not in the depths of an oxycontin binge, but he's the pioneer of the "What Conservatives Don't Like Today and Why Liberals Are to Blame Radio." Which is like today's version of yellow journalism. He was writing the right's playbook back when he still had a shot of having a sports journalism career (he screwed that up by saying Donovan McNabb of the Philadelphia Eagles was overrated because he was dark of complexion, for those who have forgotten).

So, here he is backing off his comments on the Cindy Sheehan story. It's easy to whitewash your boo-boos when you require folks to sign up for your sensory overload website. (And this is the guy who used to criticize the left for not being forthcoming with what they said...) I went there so I could double check Olbermann's reporting, and I found this link for August 15. Not much there if you're not a subscriber. So much for that "full disclosure" thing.

What is very, very interesting is the link at the bottom of the page, comparing Howard Dean and Senator John McCain, and making fun of both of them. When I clicked on the transcript link of the "Why Conservatives don't like John McCain" I was directed this interview.

But what I really don't get is why a "conservative" shill like Rush Lim-blah would make fun of and prepare his reader/listenership to criticize Arizona Republican Senator John McCain, Decorated Vietnam Veteran. McCain is one of the strongest frontrunners, among voters in both Republican and Democratic camps for the Presidency in 2008!

I guess that's what the right wing really thinks about constructive conservatism and the American Consensus: they don't like it! Pay attention all you Moderate Republicans, you cats are being marginalized by the shill machine of your own party. They defend indefensible comments from "God needs you to give me money and assassinate people I don't like" Pat Robertson and make gaffes at the expense of really real conservatives who are proven and effective leaders like Arizona Republican Senator John McCain, Decorated Vietnam Veteran.

Just thought I'd bring that to your attention.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Taste and class...

Quick, what's the best place to hold a tasteful, anti-war demonstration? Well, apparrently, it's outside the entrance to Walter Reed Army Hospital.

Come on guys. Seriously. Have some class, and go find a better place to hold your protest. I don't care what you think of the war. Leave the soldiers who are recuperating, both physically and mentally, in peace.

Oh, and for the charachter named 'Luke' in the article, I'll bet dollars for donuts that the closest he's come to serving in the Armed Forces was watching a Rambo movie once...

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

How to Dismantle a Conservative Argument

Roundup of Stupid Things

Since so many conservatives want to continue to bring up left wing "moonbats" like Edward Kennedy, Jessie Jackson, Mick Jagger and Michael Moore as individuals who "represent" the left wing, I thought I'd just give us a little look at the folks conservatives respect and what it is they are saying these days.

First of all, we'll get into the most Reverend Pat Robertson. Where to begin, really? I guess we'll just have to start with his advocacy of assassinating democratically elected leaders because he doesn't like them. Now, I don't like President Chavez, and I think he is a communist and a baby despot. I am an avid reader of Publius and Regime Change Iran and Babalu Blog and none of these guys have very nice things to say about him. But even the bloggers have never, to my knowledge, advocated assassination of a democratically elected President.

And I know folks will sit around and say "he stole the election," and "the thing was rigged" despite the fact that Venezuela's entire military apparatus opposes him. But those arguments don't exactly work too well coming from the right wing in this country, not after 2000 and Washington State in 05. C'mon guys, we on the left are supposed to be the sore losermans. And even then, no credible pundit on the left actually got on his own syndicated family channel come see the love of Jesus programming TV show and advocated assassination of a sitting President. (And keep in mind I said credible pundits from the left, so you can't bring up moonbat professors at North Carolina University of Revolutionary Madness or the Society for Ugly People up at [Sc]Air America.) We're talking about someone Middle America kinda looks at with some respect. Or used to.

Here was the response from both Venezuela and the United States Department of Defense. Can you imagine what would have happened here if someone like Jessie Jackson (who doesn't have near as much clout or televangelist money as Pat Robertson) had said something to the effect of this concerning Tony Blair or Australia's Prime Minister? We'd never hear the end of it from Townhall. But not much is being said about it, they all know that the cameras will be off ol' Patty Boy if they just ignore it. One thing the right does have is that they keep their loonies (generally) off TV and on message when they are on TV, while the left just parades our loonies out.

But this is how it feels, righty tighties. Sometimes, we just get a good look at what the folks who run conservo-land really want. Spread Democracy until you vote against us, and then we kill you. This is the Inquisiton coming back after all these years to squash opposition to the 'truth' of a singular man's belief. This is the glaring hole in Neo-Conservative philosophy and why we on the left loose our minds when y'all act like y'all don't know this goes on. This is why we can look at all the reasonable conservatives who make sense economically and ask why you let your party get taken over by the likes of them. These folks aren't family values oriented Christians, they don't love Jesus, they love power, power and more power and they will slit whomever's throats they need to get it by playing off the good in the hearts of so many real Christians. Here it is from one of your greatest fundraisers, one of the guys who has dinner with your side's leaders in their plantation style mansions in Virginia Beach, and here's what he wants.

Own it.

Put Your Hands on Your Head

And step away from the buffet.

That's right, I said it. Now, I hate America's obsession with the ultra-thin and how all those fashion magazines screw with people's opinions of themselves. I find people attractive who come in all shapes and sizes, and as a matter of fact, I find the super-skinny to be kind of a turn off. I realize that my body weight is OK for me, and it is different for the next guy and gal. Its all about how you carry yourself, to me.

I feel this way because I've known far too many folks with serious issues concerning weight and the medical and psycological implications that come along with those issues. My own family (Kevin) can attest to how much crap they give me for how much I weigh, or the beer gut that I've worked so hard to make unpronounced. We're not even going to go into my Mother's unhealthy obsession with her own weight and how critical she is of the weight of others. And I'll cap all this off with this: attractiveness has much more to do with how you carry yourself and how comfortable and confident you are in your own skin than what any scale tells you.

But then something like this comes across the wire. Someone offended because a doctor told her she needed to loose weight or face serious medical issues.

So I guess we don't want doctors to be honest with us anymore about how we are doing damage to ourselves. You can't control your body when cancer eats you from the inside out. You can control whether you supersize your combo meal at McDees. Just like I can control how many smokey treats I have in a given day and how many beverages I drink with high alcoholic content.

We know that, but if our doctors tell us that, its OK to get offended now?

Boy, if we dealt with all our problems like that, the American colonies would still be paying for the Royal Family's therapy sessions. Sometimes you can't tiptoe or walk on egg shells. Sometimes, when someone is running towards a cliff, you've got to grab them and shake them to make them realize that there is no coming back once you go over that edge.

Weight is not an attractiveness problem, like it is in my family's little world of unreality. Weight is a serious health issue. It is the second leading preventable cause of death, after smoking, in the US of A. We're not talking about folks who are 20-30 pounds above where they were their freshman year in college. We're talking about folks who are killing themselves with food like I tried to kill myself with cigarettes. Murder in the millionth degree. Innocuous self destruction.

Strange that when I was smoking regularly, I never got offended when folks told me it was bad for me, it would kill me, could I do it outside, could I keep away from their kids while doing it, and that I should stop, right now, immediately, without passing go and collecting $200. I never got offended when my doctors told me that smoking was the reason I was in their office with chronic bronchitis, sinusitis, upper respiratory infections, and was in dire need of antibiotics so that I could continue to breathe.

(Though my Moms continues to say that smoking causes none of those things, and that Kevin, who has never smoked, just has a better immune system to fight those sorts of infections. No, these ailments that have affected her and I throughout our lives are caused solely by changes in the atmospheric pressure. No kiddin' that's what she thinks.)

But some folks just can't take it when the doctor says, if you keep eating too much, you're going to have health problems. I guess we just can't have someone dispel the myth: you're not just 'big boned.' No, you need to step away from that Big Mac, put down that next plate of chicken wings, and walk just a little bit further than from the computer desk to the couch in the course of a given day.

Man, that stuff makes me mad.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Mascot Fight on Sports Page

Mascot Fight

I think I may have put this post on the wrong page of Hurricane Radio. Its all about the new NCAA rules concerning school mascots. But sometimes, politics and sports get all mixed up with the thought and speech police show up to keep folks from having fun. There are some traditions that are actually harmful, but mascots aren't really one of them. This is one of the issues that has always seperated me from the bleeding heart left, and something that enrages me about ideolouges who choose to value political correctness over politeness, respect and common sense.

And I kinda turned the issue on it's ear. Modest proposal style. I am the product of generations of Irish babies, after all...

Monday, August 15, 2005

Spitting on his grave...

Ah, yes, Ms. Cindy Sheehan. You are making quite a spectacle of yourself aren't you. First, you just wanted to talk to President Bush again, since apparrently, meeting with him the first time wasn't enough. But now, now you've turned this into your own private circus.

There was your story about how President Bush 'wouldn't speak your dead son's name', and how it was a big party for him to meet with you, and all of the other families of the war dead. Perhaps he didn't show the remorse and gloom that you thought he should. Pity him then, for not meeting your direct needs that day. If you had just stayed with the 'I want to talk to you about my dead son' story, things might have stayed within the realm of normalcy. But no. You had to get yourself more camera time.

Now you're spouting on and on about foreign policy, impeachment, and tax evasion. I'm sure that times have been hard for you since your son was taken from you, but keep in mind, it's not the President's fault. Your son, and this is the key term here, VOLUNTEERED for service for his country. He wasn't conscripted, he wasn't drafted, he volunteered. Yes, the President sent troops to a dangerous place, but that's what happens when you're in the armed forces. Sometimes you have to go places where people shoot at you.

Do the right thing, Cindy. Go home and grieve with your family, quietly, respectfully, and out of the public eye. Stop being a shill for whatever groups have gotten to you. Your son's legacy deserves that.

Sunday, August 14, 2005


Is written by all of us.

Pay attention, folks. Some things that I have been watching since I was 11 are taking place right now. As an American, I yearn for the world to embrace our American Dream of freedom coupled with justice. I believe with my deepest faith, that such is the most important pursuit of humankind. As a Southerner, I feel the call of partisanism and self determination, a love of home above all things and an attachment to the land into which my roots are buried. Steeped as I am in Irish ancestry, those rebel instincts become more pronounced. As a Christian, I am drawn to my sisters and brothers of the Books, and I wonder why the sibling faiths of the West must fight each other so brutally. As a Catholic I try to understand the deepest meanings of forgiveness and reconciliation, and the need to give such as well as recieve. As a Historian, or one who fancies himself such, I look at the world with a certain sentiment, and I wonder what I will live through that will later be written about in history books.

I will always remember the Giants of my childhood: Reagan, Thatcher, Gorbachev and John Paul II. I will think often of those who did not stand as tall: Rabin, Mandela, Yeltsin, Clinton, O'Connor. And I remember so many events, usually the bad things, sometimes the good, burned into my memory as if by hot irons: The Challenger falling from the sky, and how you could see it from Georgia; the man in Tiannenmen Square; the Berlin Wall falling like Jericho; Oklahoma City; Mogadishu; Rwanda; our planes over Sarajevo and Belgrade; watching Columbine from the Creswell Hall lobby; September 11th, and how I recieved the news by David Terhune's phone call, and how we had to drive into town to watch the news at the Tate Center.

History is written while we watch, and today something else happened. It could be huge, it could just be a footnote. I've been thinking about it for as long as I can remember. Come of it good or ill, its going down right now. Don't miss it, just realize its there. One day, you may want to tell your kids that you remember when Israel pulled out of Gaza. And just like that, the world was changed.

It is articles like these that I read Newsweek. It is long, so I pulled some of the more important quotes, and shall give my commentary.

The vast majority of Israelis don't want trouble. They live comfortable lives in a modern industrial state, and enjoy the benefits of a vibrant economy that is growing at a healthy rate of 4 percent. The country's coastal high-tech corridor is flush with venture capital. After a four-year Palestinian uprising, Western tourists have begun to return. Even under threat from the occasional suicide bomber, Tel Aviv's outdoor cafes are packed full this summer.

During a summer marked by tumult and protest, it is easy to forget these other Israelis, soaking up the sun on the beaches of Tel Aviv, guiding strollers through the cypress-lined avenues of West Jerusalem. They don't want to guard Jewish outposts in Gaza or Hebron. They seek a democratic nation that is stable and wealthy, modern and, perhaps above all, "normal."

Keret's short stories are filled with antiheroes. There are no brave Maccabees, no swashbuckling warriors. Instead, his sketches dramatize the mundane details of daily life. "When you wake up in the morning," he says, "before you've had your first cup of coffee, what you think about is not, Why isn't there a Palestinian state? You say, 'Why doesn't my girlfriend love me?' Or 'I hope somebody didn't steal my car.' "

Almost 40 years of military occupation have soured many Israelis on the dream of Greater Israel anyway; they're aware that what is a "dream" for Israelis has been a nightmare for Palestinians. Dovish Israelis are morally exhausted by the occupation, and embarrassed. "I feel that we have done the most terrible things [by building settlements]," says author A. B. Yehoshua. Does he feel any sense of loss—even a twinge—over surrendering Gaza? "On the contrary," he says. "I feel relief."

Sounds pretty reasonable, unfortunately, we've also got these guys:

Fundamentalist passions, on the other hand, are persistent. And it takes only a few fanatics to ignite them. The Camp David accords in the 1970s produced Rabbi Meir Kahane and his band of extremists. The assassination of Rabin followed 1993's Oslo accords. This summer, a televised video of black-clad Jewish radicals issuing a pulsa denura (Aramaic for "lashes of fire")—a kabbalistic "death curse" directed at Sharon—transfixed Israeli audiences. ("When does it take effect?" Sharon reportedly cracked.)

But that's the case everywhere. Keep this in mind, however: if reasonable people ran the world, we'd be better off. Some folks, those who become fundamentalists for any faith or belief, will always try to keep us from enjoying the beach. Those individuals will always try to keep us from our outdoor cafes. Those individuals will always try to divide and conquer those of us who just want to pay rent, grab a beer or coffee, and maybe raise a coupla kids before we go.

We've got those fundamentalists here too, they just use TV instead of guns. I thank God for that, but the message is the same. I always wonder how long it will be before the next Oklahoma City.

I don't like seeing this wave of fundamentalism that is sweeping/has swept the globe, especially in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. To me, we seem to be moving backwards. We seem to think the Dark Ages are something to aspire to. I'm usually the guy who says to folks "there has always been strife," "there have always been crazies." There have. It just seems to me that recently, we've broken down on our Pax Americana consensus: education is a good thing, laws are good things, jobs are good things.

Faith is something to aspire to, absolutism is not.

Just in case any of y'all have forgotten why that is, let me toss y'all a little historical reminder from our Grandparents' time. This is what can happen when ideology becomes the most important deciding factor in how you behave. Never forget history. Never forget where we've come from. We do not want to walk back down that path.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Endless summer cut short by the madness of war.

I wish they’d think about how we do it in America where everyone can come to the beach. I wish they’d think about how their endless war keeps them from enjoying life like we do. I wish that the reasonable people on both sides, Israeli and Palestinian, will step up and say: we all want to go down to the beach to surf. We all want sunblock. We all want little umbrellas in our drinks.

I hope that when Americans look at this, we see how lucky we are to live in America. I hope that when we look at what happens on a Gaza beach we can thank God that we live in the land of the free. I hope that when we look at what happens on that Gaza beach that we appreciate, just a little bit more, our crazy but reasonable society, and the blessings we have that others do not.

Yeah, we got problems, we ain’t perfect by a long shot. But it ain’t so bad when you look at it from this perspective. We can go to the beach. We can listen to Kenny Chesney or Jimmy Buffet or 311 or Ludacris make music about going down to the beach. And then we can go and live it. They don’t have that luxury in Gaza.

I hope we see that this is the result of all the pluralism, multiculturalism and tolerance that we work so hard to achieve. I hope we see that we walk that walk. I hope we realize, just a little bit more, that working hard to achieve that pluralism, multiculturalism and tolerance is worth every fight over semantics. This is a case of the ends justifying the means. On St. Simons Island, people of any religion, color, nationality, sex, political affiliation, ethnicity, et al.: we can all go down to the beach (if we want to) without having to be separated by armed soldiers and razorwire. We can all come off the beach and have a beer at Mullet Bay or Brogen’s, without having to be frisked by metal detectors at a military checkpoint on Ocean Boulevard. We can (try) to surf on our baby waves here without a real threat of getting shot at. The US Army is not going to knock down our doors and make us all move to Macon or Atlanta because we’re surrounded by 1.3 million armed and angry Floridians. We don't occupy Fernandina.

That makes every single bit of American history worth it, from 1776 to now. That is the only reason we can get over our past blood feuds. Because what we got out of it was something better for our next generations. Therein lies the lesson. I only hope that one day Israelis and Palestinians will learn this, and be able to enjoy that same luxury on a beach down in Gaza.

Sex wax on a board, coolers and sunblock, little umbrellas in your drinks. Give me that far horizon and favor'd weather gauge...

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Pushing Back

Ex-Marine for Congress. As a Democrat. My kind of Democrat. A Bloody Nose Democrat. Taking on the right wing in the reddest part of Ohio Democrat. Boy, we need more like him in our Party. I was waiting for the Swift Boat Boneheads to do a number on him. This guy lost, by the way, but not by much.

And on the world stage, it appears we may have a really real Palestinian leader in Abbas. This guy is saying all the right things at all the right times, and I think he is earnestly working for the Palestinian majority that just wants peace and quiet, a roof over their heads, and to come out of their 40 years in the desert.

On this topic, more from Israel:
The lunatic fringe wants no part of peace, and everyday Israelis will suffer. Here, one of these fanatics goes on a killing spree, proving that Arabs aren’t the only terrorists. Here are the “Tent People” who want nothing more than confrontation with the Israeli Army.

Bonehead Minister Netanyahu resigns from the Cabinet to stir up more discord. The story no longer exists online! But in any case, Netanyahu waited until the end of the last Cabinet meeting to hand in his letter of resignation to Prime Minister Sharon. He then went to the media and said he had a clear conscience. Let’s forget that the 9000 “settlers” in Gaza are surrounded by 1.8 million Palestinians and are protected by a huge contingent of the Israeli Army. Protecting these individuals, who choose to live on other people’s land, costs Israel several billion dollars (US) per year. Let’s forget that these individuals live there in flagrant violation of the same international law that the United States of America drafted back in 1948. Let’s also forget that Gaza is not Jerusalem or Tel-Aviv, where these individuals could engage in commerce and industry far more advanced than where they are. Let’s further forget that these individuals knowingly put their families and their children into a war zone, they put the soldiers that protect them in danger, and their clashes with the Palestinians put regional peace in danger. What I want you to remember is that these individuals, in doing what they are doing, have clear consciences.

What I hope is that majority, everyday Israelis see this for what it is.

Dear Mick,

Being that you can't vote, and are generally here at our whim, stop talking now. Had you bothered to gain citizenship by now, you could have free license to write clever songs, but since you couldn't be troubled to do that, piss off.


The Management

Monday, August 08, 2005

Seriously, you guys...

Trying to open sealed adoption records is bad, mmkay. For the record, ALL adoption records are sealed by the state. Trying to get into them to see if there *MIGHT* have been some irregularity is stooping pretty low, although for the New York Times, this may just be business as usual now.

In other news:

Is this really the best you guys have, paT? Sending out some mid-level flunkie to chastise President Bush for being FIT? And throwing Title IX in there too? I mean, that's grasping for straws if i've ever seen it. Since when is it the responsibility of the Federal Government to ensure that kids are exercising enough? And the Title IX thing? That sounds like a personal vendetta to me.

Also, can someone just go ahead and off this fool for me? Please?

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Nerdology and the need for tinfoil hats.

Ok....the first is for all those treckkies out there

"To boldly go where no one has gone before"

Next, the beginnings of Big Brother.

Finally, a "new" law in Georgia.

The article is clearly biased,


Here's the link to the law.

This law was passed July 20th and it took this long for a post to address it

...paT's slipping.