Thursday, September 27, 2007

Methinks this one will get struck down shortly...

Especially once one of Tennessee's neighbor states files suit in federal court in a restriction of trade case. Congratulations, Revenue Commissioner Reagan Farr, you've managed to make your state look dumber faster than Fat Phil Fulmer could if he started recruiting at Leavenworth.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Most Important Day In The History Of All Recorded Sound

The Dethalbum is upon us.

Go. Buy. It. Now.

Pickoff Week 5

Final totals for last week, along with the updated overall standings:

Dante 7-11
paT 10-6
SAWB 19-12


Dante 33-34 - 0.493
paT 24-26 - 0.480
SAWB 54-49-1 - 0.524

What did we learn this week? That Syracuse may well have the most hideous uniforms since that BYU atrocity of a few years back.

This week's Pillow Fight Bonus Pick'ems are:
Memphis v Arkansas State
Temple v Army
And, just for Dante

As always, feel free to pick ATS and O/U for these games as well.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Off the List

I used to get emails from, and was part of their mailing list, and would submit a few things every now and again. Today, I removed myself from the list. When doing so, they asked a reason, so I gave it to them:

Reason: Other. The Patraeus Ad. I thought one of the things Move On was doing was raising the level of political discourse, not lowering the bar to that of the Swift Boat Veterans/Rove folks. Now, you've given the right more ammo. We can't afford to let them change the debate over this kind of nonsense. We have to be smarter and better at this game then they are, then you go and do something like this. It is just a continuation of the divisive politics that got us into this mess in the first place. Thanks for doing what you do and working for positive change, but I don't feel like subscribing to the list any longer and giving tacit support to this sort of thing.
Yup. Never really got that involved with 'em. But this Southern Liberal will be off that list from now on.

Now, this goes against everything I think about, that we need more reasonable folks to belong to organizations in order to make a more credible change (conservative or liberal) in this country, and that is the only way to really combat the ideolouges on either side and bring back a sense of unity and normaly and consensus this nation so badly needs after the last 15 years of teeth-gnashing, but that ad pissed me off so much, I just can't stick around. I hope they come to their senses.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Two Jackass of the Year contenders in one week?!?

Be still my fluttering heart. Today's contestant is one Star Simpson, 19, lately a MIT student. Ms. Simpson, in a brazen act of calculated intelligence, entered Boston's Logan Airport with a computer motherboard, with wires and putty attached, on her chest, over the top of her black sweatshirt. I'm sure the details will come down that this was some grand prank, or performance art, but fortunately for Ms. Simpson, the Darwinian Law did not prevail this morning.

Ms. Simpson, we here at Hurricane Radio salute you, for being the biggest moron to walk the earth this morning.

UPDATE: We called it, dear reader(s). Ms. Simpson now claims that the fake bomb was 'art' and that she was trying to 'stand out' on Career Day...

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Could you make him any cooler?

You'd think being in politics, Hillary Clinton would know how to make a proper snide comment but then she says this:
"Vice President Cheney came up to see the Republicans yesterday. You can always tell when the Republicans are getting restless, because the Vice President’s motorcade pulls into the Capitol, and Darth Vader emerges."

Could you make Dick Cheney any cooler with your comparison? Darth Vader. That's awesome. In fact, he's probably one of the few 2nd in command villains that's really really cool, especially in sci-fi. Usually you get crap like that whiny blonde guy in Wrath of Kahn, Starscream, or Sting's character from Dune. Instead, you go and liken Cheney to a complete and total badass. Staying in the realm of Star Wars references, Grand Moff Tarkin is a much less favorable comparison and if you remember your Star Wars movies, he's actually the 2nd in command as far as we know in the original movie (Episode IV).

Maybe at your next stop since Bush has the whole cowboy image going for him, you could liken him to a badass cowboy villain like Liberty Valance, Tim Strong, or maybe Johnny Ringo. That'll really sock it to him.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Jackass of the Year contender

JoAn Karkos! Come On Down!!! You're the next contestant on 'Hysterical Busybodies Who Police the Universe!'.

Seriously, lady, bring the books back, and get a hobby. Much as you might want to not believe it, kids do need a little more briefing on the change to adulthood beyond referring to everything as a 'no-no place'.

Pickoff Week 4

Updated season totals -

Dante - 26-23
paT - 14-20
SAWB - 35-37-1

What did we learn this week?

Notre Dame IS that bad.
SAWB needs to stop picking NFL games altogether.
paT is a non-participating wuss.

Other participants welcomed at any time. Rules are in the week 1 post, which is in the August archives.

Bonus points picks this week - Pick'em the winner between our two pillow-fights of the week:
Buffalo v Baylor
North Texas v Florida Atlantic

Feel free to play the lines and/or O/Us on these games as well.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Most Dangerous Nation?

Still Pakistan, our 'ally' in the GWOT. Are you kidding me? The dude in charge of this nation-with-really-real nuclear weapons (as opposed to the theoretically real ones held by the nations of Iraq and Iran) is the legal dictator since the 1999 coup. He apparently spends time multitasking the future twin disasters of letting OBL and AQ regroup on his border and alienating all the pro-secular democracy folks in Pakistani society, all the time hiding behind the sheild and advertisement of American power.

Wow. I wonder why folks don't have the best opinion of us in other parts of the world. This guy gets off putting pro-Caliphate forces on the same side as pro-Democracy forces. Consequently, both end up as anti-United States forces. Which isn't good for us. One of these days over in Islamabad, they're going to party like its 1979, and The People will get together to get rid of their US backed despot. Then the Revolution will be hijacked (again) by religious radicals. Then, the thugs will have really real nuclear weapons (as opposed to the theoretical ones held by Iraq and Iran). If you thought the Iraq war wasn't going as well as "planned," and you hesitate whenever the neocons talk of the coming war with Iran, you are absolutely going to ADORE what happens when we have to go dig our enemies out of Karachi.

Meanwhile, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela is becoming the monster everyone on the right always said he would be. It is not liberal philosophy to become dictator. Sorry. That's just not the way our particular ideology is written. I mean, it may have been at one time, but Stalin killed that off pretty quick, in more ways than one. Do not confuse this guy's anti-Dubya rhetoric with anything resembling a belief that he is on our side.

And What in the hell is going on with Russia? If the Putin Youth weren't harbingers of some game afoot in the halls of the Old Adversary, and the abrupt elevation of a Putin loyalist to Prime Minister didn't get your juices flowing, consider this: all of the things we claim we want out of leaders, Putin gives the Russian people. While our current Administration will go down in history as one of the most bizarre, and our legislators will go down as some of the worst, Putin will be written about decades from now with more reverence than old school Republicans have for Ronald Reagan. Let me put it to you this way, if you were him, would you want to let go now?

Didn't think so. Russia will come in at Number 3 most dangerous nations in the world, and I think they're angling to jump to that number one spot. At least the Terrorists hate them, too.

Friday, September 14, 2007

This Country is in Deep, Deep Trouble...


In all seriousness, things like this scare the living bejeebus out of me, simply because I know that there are loads of people, likely with mullets, that would line up to get a loan from the man. Because, 'rasslin's not fake, and you can always trust a 'rassler...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Open Thread and a Word on Editorial Policy

This site has become quite a football-specific news/commentary site lately. A poster had brought this to our attention and I thought it deserved a proper explanation. We are primarily a 3-man staff here at Hurricane Radio. Here are our editorial duties:

SAWB: Sports Editor, Libertarian News Editor, Official Nap Taker
Dante: Assistant Sports Editor, Obscure News Editor, Official Contrarian
Pat: General News Editor, New Orleans-Specific News Items Editor, Official Complainer

I went by Pat's office to ask why we haven't seen any news stories crying about New Orleans coming from his desk lately. It appears Pat has bamboozled us. He put a sack of potatoes in his desk chair and a tape recorded loop of him singing "I work hard for the money!" We didn't notice this for some time now. I think he's been out since early September. I went to ask SAWB about Pat's absence but his office was locked. I tired asking him where Pat went off to but all SAWB would respond with was, "I work hard for the money! So hard for the money!"

Until we find out what Pat has been up to, I'll try to dig up some stories. It's kind of hard being the Obscure News Editor during a slow news time because even the most obscure items are being picked up by the mainstream media. I've already covered Russia and their government-sponsored procreating ways. Hsu ended up getting picked up by the New York Times. The Patriots spying habits put us back in the football category. I'll find something. Until then, feel free to post here about whatever you'd like.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pickoff Week 3

I'll get week 2 scored here shortly, and update the totals. Required bonus pick for this week is determining if Michigan or Notre Dame starts the season 0-3. This is a 'Pick'em' pick, so, feel free to wager the line or O/U as well.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

The DL on NFL in HD

Dante has a rule about television: Dante doesn't pay for television. And by "doesn't pay," I mean doesn't pay a monthly fee. I'm just not paying for something that is beamed out for free. I did happen to buy an 32" HDTV a while back but that was only so I could actually read the text on the PC hooked up to my living room TV. About a week ago, my son was playing with the remote and brought up a channel search button. I ran it and found out that my lowly rabbit ear antennae picks up about 5 digital channels. 3 of them are crap. It's some channel set called ION and it let's me watch classics like Mama's Family in absolute digital glory. But I do get NBC so I do get to watch Sunday night football (and the special Thursday night game last night).

The quality is pretty fantastic. I didn't expect to be impressed and was. It's not worth breaking my TV rule to get more, but it is a lot better than the analog version. This is especially true with football since the widescreen lets you actually see linebackers play now. There are some annoyances. For example, instead of a snowy screen you get blocky picture and skipping audio. That's a LOT more annoying. You also apparently can't use your cell phone and pick up a signal at the same time. And here I thought the FCC was supposed to be keeping thing like this from happening.

There are some other downsides that had nothing to do with the TV. For starters, NBC's football crew is terrible. Granted, combined they're only as annoying as Deion Sanders was all by himself but they did manage to scavenge the worst commentators possible. It doesn't help that I never liked Olberman at ESPN. He's a lot better off doing Countdown in my opinion. I actually like Countdown from what I've seen of it. He's just a bit too full of himself these days to be a decent sportscaster.

Then there was the game. What was that about the Saints not falling apart this year, Pat? I want the Saints to do well. I even have Colston on my fantasy team, but I just don't think it's going to happen. Speaking of fantasy football, on behalf of Reggie Wayne owners everywhere, I'd like to thank the Saints coaching staff for covering Wayne all night with a single midget rookie. 3 of the TDs the Colts scored and two of the long passes that didn't quite reach the endzone were against that rookie who had absolutely ho help on his side of the field on those plays because the coaching staff decided that blitzing was a good strategy. Blitzing doesn't work against Indy. To beat Indy, you have to confuse Manning by having your defense run all over the field before the snap. He'll pick up the hot read on a blitz almost every single time. Good job of watching game film.

Then there was record-setting* Drew Brees. Nothing says classy like calling a timeout with 8 seconds left when you're down 41-10 on the nationally televised prime time game. But on top of that, Brees threw for an average 6.8 yards per completion. That's an NFL low for QBs who have thrown 25 passes or more. Just to be clear on this: Jeff George, Steve Pelleur, Akili Smith, Tony Grazziani, Doug Johnson, either Billy Joe, and all other NFL QBs who manage to hurl the rock more than 25 times per game have always finished with a higher average per completion.

* That Brees performance was record-setting came from the mouth of Madden so it might either be wrong or misleading but if that's true, way to go Drew.

So in summary, HDTV is great but it's football. A radio broadcast with a competent commentator would be good enough for it to be enjoyable.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Pickoff Week 2

Current standings are in last week's post. You know the drill.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

For Dangerblond and Sprout

This is post 901 for Hurricane Radio. Thanks for reading. Happy Labor Day, Y'all!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

College Football is Back (Week 1 Review)

(The sports page hasn't been updated since April. I'm going to go ahead and post this here.)

So week 1 of college football is back and I finally got to us the line I came up with months ago. The plan is that I walk in on the middle of a conversation where someone mentions the Virginia Tech tragedy, I say "It wasn't that bad," and after I get a few looks of utter disgust I say, "Oh, I thought you were talking about the Peach Bowl." Is that so wrong? Everyone else seemed to think it a bit too soon. Oh well.

Michigan sure is a cocky school. They think they're just the greatest team on earth. They go on and on about their most wins in college football and their supreme historical win record. Now they have a new record for their books. Not only was this the first time in their amazing history that they stooped to playing a Div IAA opponent, it was also the first time an AP ranked team has ever lost to a Div IAA school. Congratualations, Michigan. You deserved it. Oh, and you had no business being ranked 5.

GA Tech rolled the Irish and I couldn't help but be impressed by Tech's offensive line. I have no love of GT. In fact, I think someone on the radio summed up my feelings pretty well. Back before the US invaded Iraq, this radio caller said that if Georgia Tech were playing Iraq, he'd be cheering for the University of Iraq. I couldn't agree more. Go Saddam! Beat Tech! Flaaaaag Boy! But man, that line looked good.

And once again, UGA got to prove that some up-and-coming school just wasn't as good as they thought they were. Nice explosive offense, Okie State.

Selective Prosecution

So, today, I'm thinking about selective prosecution and judicial inconsistency. You know what that is don't you? It is where the criminal justice system is eviscerated because some prosecutors don't do their jobs with consistency; because some judges don't do their jobs with consistency. Some people are subjected to the fullest extent of the law while others are given a pat on the back and a get out of jail free card.

It is a systemic problem, because if such differentiation exists in a state or locality, the criminal justice system as a whole loses the very necessary credibility they employ to keep society from descending in to anarchy. Justice comes up for sale.

The most difficult thing in combatting selective prosecution and judicial inconsistency is explaining that it exists, and showing folks where and how it happens.

Best Practices is linking to a news story that is more indicative of the justice system than it seems. If Barbie gets away with bank robbery by saying she's sorry and invoking The God CardTM, that will be a bright, shinging example of what I'm talking about.

(HT: Georgia Blog Carnival 17)

Extra: The Cobb County judge has put off sentencing until the other defendants' trials are concluded. I hope the result makes the news. I hope that Cobb County judge isn't part of the problem...